Hot Boom Salted Egg Fish Skin Small (105g)

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Hot Boom Salted Egg Fish Skin

Challenge your taste buds with this explosive, garlicky spicy version of the Salted Egg Fish Skin. Along with our signature salted egg, the crisps of our fried fish skin mixed with a concoction of spicy red chilli peppers. This creates an all-rounded multi-sensory snacking experience.

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Ingredients:Fish skin, vegetable oil, salted egg, milk, sugar, margarine (vegetable oil, salt, soy lecithin, vitamins, antioxidants BHT and BHA, permitted colouring, permitted flavouring), chili powder [sugar, salt, chili,, pepper, flavour enhancer (E621, E635), paprika oleoresin, maltodextrin, palm fat, egg, wheat, lactose, canola seed, soy sauce (soybean, wheat, salt), spices], curry leaves, garlic.

Allergen Declaration: Contains egg, milk, soy, wheat.

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