Official statement on counterfeit IRVINS goods in the market

We have learned that some unethical operators have been producing and selling counterfeit IRVINS products on various e-commerce platforms and falsely claiming to be selling genuine IRVINS products.

We hereby clarify the following:

1. The Official IRVINS sales channel in Mainland China

As of 26th April 2022, the IRVINS overseas flagship store in Tmall Global has been closed. Currently there are no authorized marketplace or store selling our products within Mainland China. Do take precaution from buying from businesses and individuals who advertise listings of IRVINS products.

Please purchase our products from our Singapore Stores (“”), or for International Orders please purchase from (“”) to avoid any counterfeits.

2. All our products are manufactured in Singapore

All genuine IRVINS products sold worldwide are only produced in Singapore. We have not authorized any manufacturer in any other country to produce our products. These products may also fail to meet the relevant food safety regulations.

3. Registered Trademarks

“IRVINS Salted Egg” and “IRVINS” are registered trademarks of our company, and any product which uses these two trademarks without our authorization is a counterfeit product.

“IRVINS Salted Egg” is the brand name of our company in the old packaging prior to our rebranding to “IRVINS”. Since 2021, our company has carried out the rebranding and has since changed all the brand names on the product packaging to be “IRVINS”. If you find that the production date is after 2022 but with the brand name as “IRVINS Salted Egg”, the product is a counterfeit.

4. It is our company's long-standing mission to crack down on counterfeits and strive to provide our consumers with high-quality products and services.

We would like to encourage our consumers to join us to combat counterfeits by reporting known or suspected counterfeits to us by sending us an email (“”) and we will not hesitate to take further legal actions against such counterfeiters.

Cocoba Pte Ltd
9 June 2022