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Celebrate Salted Egg Month With Us!

How We Mastered The Salted Egg Chip

  • Step 1

    Hand-pick the best quality duck egg

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  • Step 2

    Incubate the eggs in salted clay for 30 days

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  • Step 3

    Rinse and remove the yolk

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  • Step 4

    Cook and blend into a savory crumble

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  • Step 5

    Gently mix the yolk with our chips to coat every bite with salted egg goodness

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  • Group 20

Irvins Does It Best


Whole Food Ingredients

Real Duck Egg Yolks

Upcycled Salmon Skin

Small Batch Cooking

Chef Crafted

Natural Crunch


Artificial "sprayed on" seasonings

Chicken egg yolks or egg substitute

Non-sustainable protein

Assembly line

Lab-grown, lab-tested

Processed wheat flour





The hardest thing to do is not eat all of them in one sitting, because these bad boys are irresistible. Give these folks the keys to the city. They’re in charge of everything now.

- Christopher

Group 13 Copy

Get it before you die, or else you're missing out.

- Angelo

Group 13 Copy 3

There's no skimping on the salted egg seasoning. Each piece of fish is completely covered in salty egg bites. Very crunchy and savory.

- Szee

Group 13 Copy

No, stay on this site.