IRVINS Most Popular (Salted Egg Fish Skin Bundle)
  • IRVINS Most Popular (Salted Egg Fish Skin Bundle)
  • IRVINS Most Popular (Salted Egg Fish Skin Bundle)

IRVINS Most Popular (Salted Egg Fish Skin Bundle)

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This bundle takes up 8 units.

Try our Most Popular product! The Salted Egg Fish Skin.

What's included:

  • 4x IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin (230g)

IRVINS salted egg snacks are formulated by expert chefs in Singapore. Handcrafted using the best ingredients including real salted egg, aromatic curry leaves, and vibrant red chili peppers. This flavorful homestyle premium recipe is what makes our snacks Dangerously Addictive.

Prop 65 Warning for California Residents. ?

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Isobel ZHANG

IRVINS Most Popular (Salted Egg Fish Skin Bundle)

Tuan Nguyen
Friday the 13th

I ordered from Irvins first time since they were not available in my country Finland anymore. I placed the order Friday the 13th (January) for big box about one week before CNY 2023. I chose 2x bundle of Salted eggs fish skin (230g), 1x Salmon 230g, 2x spicy 105g. I received them on 25th of January. In my country custom tax for food is 14% from the value package (excluding shipping cost). The package was delivered to my house safe and sound.

I have tasted all of them and I have to say original Salted eggs Fish skin is the best.
Salmon was ok but too crispy for my taste and Spicy ..really too spicy..couldn't taste the salted eggs from that spicy.

I will ordered again once I have finished my products. The easiness to order and you will also receive tracking number to see where the package is are great value.

Too bad that Salted eggs pasta were not available yet. I would have bought to try them.
Luckily I had few colleagues who had to travel to Singapore on business trip and I was able to acquire 2x package (each package 5 pcs) to try them. I have no try them yet so can't give review on them.

I have tried other salted eggs fish skin products in other countries and they are not as good as quality made Irvins. So I recommend Irvins. Thank you Irvins.

Dangerous - Be warned

What can I say. This is the classic flavour from Irvines. It is just on another level of snack. You will gladly skip a meal in favour of some delicious fish skin. They are not lying when they say this is addictive. My wife and I have run through our order of fish skin already and have already asked for more!

Joan LIM

IRVINS Most Popular (Salted Egg Fish Skin Bundle)

Justin Lavender
Irvins Inland!

We live about as far from the sea as you can in wintery England. But with the arrival of Irvins' Salted Egg Fish Skin Bundle there is a salty tang in the air, the sound of seabirds circling, the equatorial sun on our backs and a world of tropical delights!